Keep Your Granite Sturdy, Strong, and Shining with Proper Maintenance

Proper maintenance is essential to keep your granite surface looking as beautiful as the day it was installed for decades to come. After your granite fabrication piece is installed the wear and tear of life is unavoidable, but there are specific things you can do to protect your investment from damage. A large slab of granite is incredibly durable and fabricated to last a lifetime, but special precaution must still be taken. Learn how to properly protect your granite, how to clean your granite, and what habits to avoid in order to prevent damage during day-to-day activity.

Seal Out Water Damage

In order to prevent water and liquid damage, your granite surface must be properly sealed. A high-quality granite sealer will be applied to your granite piece. Once the granite is completely dry we will add the product and buff it to shine. Sealer serves not only to enhance the shine of the granite but of course to give it added protection from stains. Depending on the material of your surface you will have to reapply a sealer every few years.

Keep It Clean

Simply clean your granite surfaces with soap and warm water to keep the strength of your sealant intact. Avoid using regular household cleaning products to clean your surfaces. These products contain harsh chemicals that can strip the seal and leave the porous granite exposed. Without sealant in place you risk permanent staining and damage.

Best Practices for Granite that Lasts

Your granite surface is part of your house and life happens around it! But there are a few things you can do and avoid to preserve its integrity for decades and decades.

  • All spills should be cleaned up right away before it has a chance to penetrate the surface.
  • Avoid using any overly acidic products or foods directly on the granite.
  • Remove wet containers from directly coming into contact with the surface.
  • Use a cutting board when preparing food or meat. Bacteria have a good chance of getting trapped in the porous surface of the granite.
  • Avoid contact with diamond rings to prevent scratches and chips. Your granite is incredibly hard, but diamonds are even more so!

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